Hi, I’m Francesca Brooking. 


I’m a UK-based copywriter, features writer, blogger, reviewer and travel addict. 


If you’ve landed here, you’re probably on the hunt for someone to deliver topnotch copy for your business. Good for you! You’ve come to the right place. 


Why work with me


I’ve worked with a number of high-circulation publications, small businesses, startups and mentors. 

My background in lifestyle journalism has trained me to craft compelling copy that doesn’t sound like a keyword dump or, well, buzzwordy. 

Add my hours spent studying the latest in SEO, digital marketing, and branding and you’ve got yourself a winning formula.

I’m also a graduate of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy so I’m well trained at understanding the technical side to great copy. I’m a skilled researcher and I never miss a deadline. 

What I can do as your copywriter: 


  • Help you establish a seamless brand voice that resonates with your target customer.


  • Optimise keywords so your business will be found in organic searches.


  • Set you miles ahead of your competitors and establish you as a go-to brand in your industry. 


  • Convert sales across a diverse range of online platforms. 


To name a few...


To get a flavour of what I can do, you can read my portfolio here or check out my sustainable travel blog called Little Lost Travel.


Still have questions? 


I get it. 


Hiring a freelancer can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to get the best possible result when you’re parting with your hard-earned cash. 


While I can’t make any guarantees about when or how fast it will happen, good copy pays for itself many times over. 


To make sure we get to that stage, I consider it part of my job to ensure that we’re both suited for each other. When that happens, we all win. It’s like magic. 


Who I work with 


I provide tailored copywriting services for travel, tourism, sustainable lifestyle and wellness brands. 


Whether it’s a big corporation, small business or solopreneur, I get a thrill from helping brands find their unique message.


Why travel? 


It’s simple. I love to travel. I love to experience new tastes, sights, sounds and places. I’m keen to connect your business to other travel lovers like me who can’t wait to see what you offer. 


Why sustainable lifestyle and wellness? 


The world as we know it is rapidly changing. Whether it’s candles, CBD, handcrafted gifts, eco-friendly products or clothing, I want to help you succeed in making a real, positive difference. 


So, are you looking for a professional copywriter who gets your target customer and who can breathe life into your brand? If the answer is yes, use this contact form here or send me an email at hello(at)francescabrookingwrites.com. 


What it’s like collaborating with me...


I like us to be on the same page from day one - that’s the key to a successful collaboration. So, if we work together, here’s how it will go: 


  • Before I work with you, I like to hop on a short phone or video call to get an idea of your goals and values and to see whether we’re a good fit. I will likely ask you about your past marketing challenges and how you want to approach the project going forward. 


  • Once we’ve agreed to take it further, I’ll email you the quote and arrange a second call so that we can scope out the project in full. We’ll discuss details such as tone, target audience, deadlines and any other special requirements. 

  • Next, I’ll send over a creative brief - the notes from our phone call so that we both have a copy. All you need to do is confirm that you’re happy with the brief and send the deposit for the work will begin. Please note, I only start the project once you’ve confirmed it. This does have an impact on deadlines.


  • During the course of the project, I’ll be in touch with you regularly via email. Once the first draft is complete, I’ll send it to you in a Google Drive link. You can add your comments right there or we can hop on a call and go through it. I prefer to work with one point of contact to prevent any crossed wires. 


  • Once we’re finished and you’re happy with the revisions, I’ll send you the final copy doc by the agreed due date along with the invoice. Then it’s time to pop that cork because the copy is yours to implement!  


And that’s it!


If I sound like the copywriter for you, drop me an email at hello(at)francescabrookingwrites.com and we’ll take it from there.